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Lifting the name of JESUS through song.

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Ava L Kasich. I am a National Recording Artist. I live in Whitesboro, TX. I give my permission for you to use my testimony. My website is:

I have had numerous medical conditions over the years but the one most recent, started in January of 2009 when I slipped on ice and it resulted in a severe concussion.

Since that time, I have had severe headaches, weakness and trembling. The MRI showed no sign of any abnormalities. I have been touring through out the US singing and ministering to others.

In August of this year, I was scheduled to go to Missouri and do 3 dates. My doctors were very much against it, but I went in faith believing that God would not have opened those doors if it was not meant for me to go. I understand it fully now. I was so weak that I had to sit on a stool the entire time that I sang for all three concerts.

When I returned home my condition had worsened. I was shaking like some one who had Parkinson’s. My doctor decided to admit me to the hospital to try and determine what was causing my health to fail. Before I had left for Missouri, He had taken some tests that showed signs of Lupus!! That is what he thought I had. He also said that my immune system had turned on me and was trying to kill my body like it would a virus. I was in the hospital from Monday to Friday and they still could not find what was wrong. They told me that if they didn’t find it with in two weeks, I probably would not be here anymore. That is how fast my body was failing. My heart rate was way over 100 beats per minuet all the time; I was shaking uncontrollably and was very weak. I left the hospital on Friday, and on Sunday evening I decided to go to my Church.

I go to Faith Church of Sherman Texas which is a FAITH believing Church!!!

I was sitting there that night and heard a sermon that I had heard all my life about when Peter stepped out of the boat and Jesus said, “Oh ye of little faith”, and my Pastor said, Aren’t you glad that you don’t have to have a lot of faith, just a little bit will do?????

I sat there and begin to pray, Lord, I know I have that much faith!!! At the end of the sermon, I went to the front to be prayed for. You have to understand something here, when someone goes to the front of our Church to be prayed for, the ENTIRE Church goes with them and prays.

That’s what happened that night. I felt NOTHING!! I got so weak, that I had to sit down immediately. I went home laid down in my bed and continued to say, Lord, I know I have that much faith. When I woke up the next morning, EVERYTHING WAS COMPLETELY GONE!!!! I WAS TOTALLY HEALED!! PRAISE GOD!!!!

God gets all the glory and praise!!!!! My doctors are so amazed. They tell me there is no way they can get any credit for anything that it is truly a MIRACLE!!!!!

I know now why God laid it on my heart to go to Missouri and do those concerts. I have since been back and the people that saw me then are so amazed at what God has done in my life. It has helped to build their faith. Praise God!!!!! I pray that it will help others as well.

Ava L Kasich


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