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Ava won the 2015 Gold Cross Award for Female Artist of the Year during the 59th Annual International Country Gospel Music Association.  Ava won the 2012 Beacon Award for Soloist of the year and her new single "Stones" won the 2012 Beacon award for song of the year.  Ava's new CD Stones was released in December 2011.  The single "Stones" was #1 on the Southern Gospel Times Top 40 Chart for 10 straight weeks in a row.  Also, please take a look at the pres releases and additional information for Ava below...

International Country Gospel Music Association: Gold Cross Female Artist of the Year

Southern Gospel Times: Ava Kasich Nominated for Diamond Award

Southern Gospel Times: Ava Kasich to Appear in Radio Showcase at NQC

Thatís what happened that night. I felt NOTHING!! I got so weak, that I had to sit down immediately. I went home laid down in my bed and continued to say, Lord, I know I have that much faith. When I woke up the next morning, EVERYTHING WAS COMPLETELY GONE!!!  Click here to view the full testimony of God's miraculous healing in Ava's life.

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